Our Team

John Nations

Chief Executive Officer
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f: 314.719.3783

John offers counsel to private businesses, public entities and professionals on issues ranging from transportation to economic incentives; land use and management to business matters and expansions; succession and estate planning to logistics, infrastructure, and public-private partnerships.  John’s counsel provides strategies for business success through public policy and government relations in addition to legal solutions.  

Throughout his career, John has negotiated opportunities with a range of public officials including presidential cabinet secretaries, federal agency leaders, governors, state agency leaders, county leaders, municipal officials, and special district leaders. He leverages that experience in his role as president and CEO of SA Strategies LLC, a subsidiary of SmithAmundsen.

John’s storied career has, at its heart, his love for Missouri and her citizens. The long term impact of his service will be felt across the state for many years to come.

Born and raised in St. Louis, John  first gained regional attention during his public service in the City of Chesterfield, Missouri. In 1997, he served on that City’s Residential Building Moratorium Commission until he became president of the city’s Industrial Development Authority and chairman of its Tax Increment Financing Commission, where he focused on the recovery of the Chesterfield Valley from the Flood of 1993. Widely regarded as one of the best uses of TIF in the country, the success of the Valley allowed its TIF obligations to be paid off ten years ahead of schedule and led to substantial job growth in the area. 

From 1997-1999, he served on the board, and as president, of the Chesterfield Community Institute. In 1999, he was appointed to the city’s planning commission, where he served until his election to the Chesterfield City Council in 2000.

In 2001, he was elected to the first of three successive four-year terms as Mayor of Chesterfield, MO. Among the many accomplishments of his administration, he successfully led the campaign for the city’s parks tax, which allowed the construction of some of the finest parks and recreation programs and facilities in the country, established the Chesterfield Valley Transportation Development District to improve the infrastructure and quality of life for residents near Chesterfield Valley, started the city’s annual July 4th celebration, and became the first person from West St. Louis County to serve as president of the St. Louis County Municipal League.

In 2008, Chesterfield became the first city in the State of Missouri to receive Moody’s AAA bond rating. In 2005, he was appointed by County Executive Charlie Dooley as a Regional Citizen representing St. Louis County on the East West Gateway Council of Governments, a position he held until 2010. In recognition of his efforts to promote economic development while preserving our natural heritage, John was inducted into the National Environmental Hall Of Fame in 2010.

In 2009, faced with drastic cutbacks in public transportation services, he successfully negotiated an arrangement with the Bi-State Development Agency / Metro to continue services to Chesterfield because of the critical role public transportation has in economic growth and job creation. His leadership on the transportation issue led Metro Board Chairman Vincent C. Schoemehl and President/CEO Robert J. Baer to ask him to lead the campaign for a one-half percent sales tax in St. Louis County to support public transportation. Building what is now widely viewed as one of the greatest civic coalitions in the last half century, “Proposition A” was approved by St. Louis County voters in April 2010 with 63% of the vote.

In August 2010, the Metro board selected John to succeed Baer and to lead the agency into the 21st century, building on its proud past as an economic development agency specially created by the United States Congress in 1949 to serve the Missouri-Illinois bi-state region. He went on to hold the position of president and CEO for 8 years, which is the longest tenure of any CEO in that company’s history. In June 2011, he returned to the board of directors of the East West Gateway Council of Governments as the representative of Metro. He was elected to the board of the Missouri Public Transit Association in 2011.

Matthew Alsager

Chief Operating Officer
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m: 573.690.1371
f: 314.719.3769

For more than a decade, Matt has worked to develop, cultivate, and maintain relationships and experiences across multiple fields. He has honed his skills in the economic development, infrastructure, finance, agriculture, and political sectors. 

He absorbs his clients’ complex issues and develops comprehensive short and long term strategies with both monthly and annual deliverables. These strategies range from communications efforts, political matters, economic development strategy, regulatory affairs, market analysis/development and stakeholder engagement. He researches, absorbs, and then acts on the interests and behaviors that are of priority to the client in order to carve out a path to success.

Matt has spent his career understanding and developing strategic partnerships which allows him to bring together industry leaders across all spectrums. Through his experience, he has an in-depth understanding of how to develop initiatives, campaigns, legislative strategy, economic development strategy, and overall community engagement.  His experience translates to success for his clients.

With a degree in Communications and a Masters in Business, Matt is well qualified to take on his clients’ issues and formulate a plan for success.  When he is not working or traveling, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons and playing golf.